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Why should I use a U.S. iTunes account?

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Why do I need to buy U.S. iTunes gift cards?

Each country has their own version of the iTunes store. To buy anything (Movies, TV Shows, Music, Apps, Games, Books) you need to have a credit card linked to your iTunes account. Your credit card needs to be from the same country with which you have an iTunes store account.

If you do not have a U.S. credit card, you need to pay for your purchases from the U.S. iTunes store some other way: U.S. iTunes gift cards is this other way!

How do U.S. iTunes gift cards work?

A U.S. gift card has a monetary value in U.S. Dollars (USD).

When you redeem it in iTunes, the balance is added to the value of your iTunes account.

Once the gift card value has been successfully added to your iTunes account, you no longer need the code. When you go to buy anything in the iTunes store, it will deduct from the balance in your iTunes account until you need to add more.

What are the limitations of U.S. iTunes gift cards and things to look out for?

Since we cannot and do not offer refunds or returns for iTunes gift cards, it is important to know their limitations and things to look out for to avoid disappointment.

  • You cannot use iTunes gift card credit to “gift” or purchase items for someone else. This includes anything available on the iTunes store. If you would like to give someone a gift, then purchase them an iTunes gift card instead.

  • We suggest you do not try to redeem an iTunes gift card during the creation of a U.S. iTunes account. Apple randomly selects new account creations for review that come from outside the U.S. If this happens, you will be instructed to contact iTunes support which may force you to link a valid U.S. credit card to your account. You will lose your credit if you do not have a valid U.S. credit card, so your last option would be to use a prepaid debit card. Go here for more information on this.

  • If you enter an incorrect email address during the creation of a U.S. iTunes account, you will not be able to complete your account creation because you will not be able to verify your email address. If you redeemed an iTunes gift card during the account creation process and entered an incorrect email address, you will lose the credit.

  • If you change the home country of your iTunes account from the United States to any other country, you will lose any credit you have in your U.S. iTunes account.

  • The iTunes gift cards we sell can only be used for a U.S. iTunes account on the U.S. iTunes store.

Can another country’s iTunes gift cards be used on the U.S. iTunes Store or for a U.S. iTunes account?

No. Other country iTunes gift cards purchased from any other retailer CANNOT be used on the U.S. iTunes store or U.S. iTunes account. The opposite also applies: U.S. iTunes gift cards CANNOT be used on any other country iTunes store or iTunes account. This limitation applies to all purchases, including in-app purchases. We sell iTunes gift cards for the U.S. iTunes store that can only be used with a U.S. iTunes account.